Everyone can benefit from embroidery, whether you’re a business wanting to promote your products, a corporation wanting to gift employees and customers at a special event or even an individual wanting a custom “look” to your apparel.

Embroidery does have a cost associated with it, obviously, but considering the added appeal, exposure and prestige that you receive with a custom-embroidered garment, it is well worth the cost. Additionally, keep in mind that your first order will always be the most expensive because you pay the setup charge at that time. Each order is a custom job so pricing varies, please call us and let's discuss your unique project.

Here are the answers to those
Frequently Asked Questions about Embroidery!

Logos / Art / Digitizing
The first step to embroidery is digitizing your artwork.  This means we turn the artwork into a digital file that contains instructions for the embroidery machine when the logo is sewn.

If you need a logo created, we can assist you in turning your ideas into art.  Once the logo is “on paper”, we will provide you with a stitch count estimate for the logo.  This stitch count will determine the cost of the digitizing and ultimately the cost of the finished embroidery.  Designs can generally be digitized within 24 to 48 hours of the order.

Carl Green runs our in-house digitizing department.  Carl is a graduate of the Seattle Art Institute and he has over 15 years experience in the apparel business.  Carl has been digitizing logos for the past 12 years and has also run an embroidery shop and has years of experience running embroidery machines.  With that background, every logo is digitized with both efficiency and beauty in mind. 

The logos we digitize sew out beautifully on the production machines and also use as few stitches as possible to ensure a beautiful finished product at the best rate possible. 

We will need the following from you when you begin to work with us:

  • Your artwork in a .jpg, .gif, or .eps file

  • The type of garment and placement of the logo

  • The size of the logo if it will be placed somewhere other than the front left chest on a shirt, or the front or back of a cap

  • The colors of the logo

We carry over 200 Madiera thread colors, the best thread in the industry.  In addition, we will special order any color your logo may need for an additional fee.  We are also able to match Pantone colors to our threads to ensure that your logo meets your expectations.

Our state-of-the-art monograms can be embroidered on anything from baby blankets to linens to duvet covers.





Palo Verde Embroidery provides full-service embroidery to our customers. We are an experienced embroidery company with large capacity and a professional staff.

Our emphasis on excellent customer service and outstanding quality has earned us a reputation of providing exceptional products with a quick turnaround time.

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