Embroidery: Frequently Asked Questions

What is a “setup” or digitizing” charge?
Every logo begins as artwork on a piece of paper.  The process of turning the artwork into a digital file that can be read by an embroidery machine is called “digitizing”.  We literally take a picture of the artwork and turn it into stitches so that it can be sewn onto a garment.  There is a one-time charge for this digitizing process, which includes all of the labor and sew outs to ensure that your logo will sew out beautifully on the garment when it is in production. 

If you would like a copy of the digitized file, we will provide it to you. However, only someone with embroidery equipment will be able to revise the logo.

Can I see the sew out before you sew the logos on all of my apparel?

Absolutely!  In fact, we insist on that.  We want you to be pleased with the finished product, and therefore, we require a written (faxed) approval of all logos prior to running the order in our production line.

Can I have individual names embroidered on my garments?

Yes!  Individual names is only $7.50 and can be placed anywhere on the garment.

Do you embroider the backs of jackets?

Yes!  Embroidered jacket backs can be beautiful.  Please call for a separate quote for digitizing and embroidering jacket backs.

What does the number of stitches have to do with pricing?

In embroidery, cost is measured by the amount of thread used and the time it takes to complete a sewn logo on a garment.  A logo containing 12,000 stitches will use more thread and take more time to complete than a logo with only 3,000 stitches.

Does a logo cost more if it has more colors?
No.  We only charge by the volume of the order and the number of stitches in the logo.  You may select any colors you want.  And you can also change colors for the same logo in the same order for no additional cost.

What can I expect for a turnaround time?

Generally, we can digitize a logo within 48 hours.  Once we have your approval on the finished logo, we can complete most orders in three to five business days.  Larger orders may take longer.

Do you have minimums on orders?

We do not have minimum orders, however our pricing offers substantial savings with higher volumes.  The more garments you have embroidered, the lower the cost on each individual garment.

What if a garment is damaged while being embroidered?

We take great care to ensure that every garment is embroidered exactly as you specified and you receive a complete final shipment.  However, from time to time, a garment may be damaged while being embroidered.  Our policy includes a 2% damaged goods/spoilage allowance.


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